Kress Carriers


Tata Steel can keep on trucking thanks to the arrival of six newly refurbished Kress Carriers, which will be used to move slabs around the site.

The project saw six carriers dismantled and sent to either Llantrisant or Leeds for renewal work by Finnings – once that was done, they were transported back to Port Talbot and reassembled, ready to go to work under a new contract delivered by Runtech.

Mike Brimble said: “I’d like to commend the professionalism of everyone involved in this project – not just the Tata Steel employees, including Clive Forey and his team in Hot Rolled Products, but also the teams from Runtech, Hazells and Finnings.

“This was the largest undertaking ever delivered by Finnings in the UK and the success of the transition was a credit to both Runtech and Harsco who fully cooperated throughout.

“Runtech are clearly passionate about the future of steelmaking in South Wales, we look forward to building on that to enhance what is already a strong working relationship.”

The carriers – which weigh in at a hefty 80 tonnes each – can move up to eight slabs at a time for a total carried weight of 136 tonnes. To satisfy our production plans they will need to haul 157,000 slabs per annum from the Casters to the Hot Mill.

Peter Miles, Runtech General Manager, added: “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Tata Steel – this project is an excellent example of what can be achieved by companies working together.”

Weight: 80 tonnes

Length: 14.5 metres

Width: 5.5 metres

Height: 5.4 metres

Fun fact: The slabs moved by the carriers have a surface temperature of 900C when loaded

Pic: Kress 17/18


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