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road haulage

Whether you're moving materials, plant, machinery or waste, our fleet of HGV lorries are on the roads for all your haulage needs.

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we've got it covered

It's a long day when out on the roads, but for Runtech, it's business as usual. We're driven and steered by the demand and need for innovative transport and haulage solutions and we've tailored our transport service to solve and answer to, some of the industry's most demanding challenges.

From pallets and coils, right through to plant and machinery, whatever your supply chain needs, we can deliver it. We provide a nationwide service and have over 25 years' experience in delivering professional haulage services throughout the UK. We have a modern and comprehensive fleet of vehicles including rigid and articulated lorries ranging in size and capacity. 

going the extra mile

Invest in a quality transport and haulage service that delivers on excellence. Our vehicles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both one-off deliveries and regular transport and haulage requirements. 


safe. trusted. reliable.

Our transport and haulage team are equipped, skilled and licensed professionals committed to the safe and efficient transport of goods for many of our clients. Our drivers undergo vigorous training on a regular basis, ensuring all certification to drive our modern fleet of vehicles is always up to date. Our demonstrated commitment to continuous training programmes allows us to deliver on our promise of consistent safe transport operations. 

We maintain our fleet to DVSA standards, are insured with full MOT's, and are completely road-safe at all times.


on-site transportation

With production moving at the speed of light, you'll need a transport service that can meet all expectations. We're here to support, with our range of quality vehicles, each built for longevity and robust enough for the demand of heavy goods and materials.

From moving slabs of steel with our top-quality, American standard Kress carriers, from shifting waste and rubble to bulker scrap metal movement, we're on hand to support with all your on-site transport requirements. If you've got production moving efficiently, we'll make sure the transportation of your goods, waste and material is too. 

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